Signature Services provided by IKON Software Inc.  Off Site Data Storage


Do you need to archive and store data onsite and/or offsite?

Avoid Business Disruption
following a server failure or disaster.
Get Automated & Efficient Data Backup for all operating systems.

IKON provides secure backup & disaster recovery solutions.  The need to backup critical files and programs has never been more important than it is today.  

If you are looking for an OEM backup solution, please contact us to discuss your needs.  

Fast and reliable backup and recovery

Significant financial harm can arise from the loss of records, accounts receivable information and other types of critical business data.  You may even risk litigation for not maintaining proper controls if and when data loss happens.


·        No software or operating system issues

·        Fully automated local backup for fast data recovery, no need to change media

·        Exchange, System State, MS-SQL

·        Offsite Backup; Automatic and secure backup for disaster recovery

·        Optimized for storage and transfer efficiency with data de-duplication

·        Simple, Centralized Management

·        Scales easily and provides immediate accountability of backups

Secure and encrypted to meet the requirements of HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley.


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