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Keep Spam, Malware & Viruses Out of Inboxes

Avoid Business Disruption with a mail management operating system.
Get E-Mail and Web security without adding hardware.

IKON offers peace of mind to clients and protects their networks from web-borne viruses.  
If you are looking for e-mail and online security unmatched by any other product or service.
Call us to discuss your needs.  847-549-6778.

Filter e-mail spam, viruses and malware (before it is delivered!)

Combat digital threats!  Stop inbound spam, viruses, phishing, denial of service, directory harvest attacks, and other attacks before they reach your network without message loss or disruptions to email service which can impact productivity.

Protect sensitive outbound messages, such as financial data and proprietary content.  Automatically encrypt email messages to manage regulatory compliance.  Easily apply different policies to groups or individuals based on role.

Efficiently store, search, and locate messages without costly on-site or physical storage media. Gain the confidence of knowing that your email network is secure and compliant round the clock –
without installing costly hardware or infrastructure.

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